Organisation Board

There are a total of 14 members for AYSF.
1. President – Mr Dev Kapil
2. Vice President – Madam Zahara Miki
3. Vice President – Mr Lee Kok Hua
4. General Secretary – Ms Choo Lee Eng
5. Treasurer – Madam Foo Fong Leng
6. Financial Advisor – Ms May Lin Marshall
7. Council Members – Ms Ching Teo
8. Council Members – Madam Quek Siew Chan
9. Administrative Advisor – Ms Herlyn Mohari
10. Organising Secretary – Madam Ang Gek Kheng
11. Technical Committee Member – Ms Yap Shu Chee
12. Tech Advisor – Mr Zin Lin Tun
13. PR and Media Director – Madam Ng Eng Geok

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